12 December 2007

Blog Rating and a Story

I saw this on my friend Jenny's blog. I too was a bit surprised to get this rating - although I'm not sure why - I have never considered myself a "G" rated person.
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At any rate, this story is very likely to change my rating. My youngest daughter can be a bit snarky at times. She has a dry, sarcastic way about her. She is negative and pessimistic and to be honest it is a huge contrast with the rest of our family, although her dad has a bit of this streak as well. We went to this amazing Christmas event the other night called "An Evening in Old Bethlehem" where the entire expo center was set up like Bethlehem at the birth of Christ. There were artisans, beggars, tax collectors, three wise men, a wedding party walking the streets, musicians, and the innkeeper walking up to you shouting that there was "no room at the inn". We even had a girl walk up to us about 50 times asking if we wanted to buy "fresh, 2 week old fish" from the sea of Galilee. It was so elaborate, and very lovely. They even had a few donkeys here and there. At one point, after seeing the manger with Joseph, Mary and the Christ-child, I was pretty excited, and turned to my kids, forgetting the older two are 14 and 16, and said in my "mommy voice" - " do y'all wanna go pet the animals?" My 14 yo. turned to her sister and said, in her perfectedly snarky way, "I don't know. Kendra, do you want to pet the (insert biblical word for donkey)?" My husband was no help at all, trying to muffle his laughter.
Some drops of hot pepper sauce will be administered later, when I stop thinking it is funny.


  1. Nick is the same way. Sarcastic and to the point. Makes for great fun. And I do mean that. He makes me laugh so hard, I pee my pants.


  2. well it IS a real word afterall. :)

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  4. LOL. That's just too funny. WTG Kaity-bug


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