27 December 2007

Paper or Plastic

I'm not a big fan of Walmart. It is a necessary evil most of the time. I have a limited budget for my family and in order to make my dollars stretch, I shop where the prices are low. I do not like the quality of their meat or milk, but for the most part it is adequate. Tonight, as I was going through the checkout line at my favorite Wally-world, I had a nice surprise. To the side, I found these handy little recyclable shopping bags, available for only $1 each. I picked up 5 and will probably pick up 5 more the next time I go so I'll have plenty for those larger shopping trips. I just hate the plastic bags and also want to be a more "green" consumer - so this will be a nice step in the right direction.


  1. Would have been fine for us awhile ago, but now Walmart bags are in big demand to wrap very stinky diapers in.

  2. We use our Walmart bags, BUT I do hate them (and Walmart). However, it sure looks like those would fit way more in them than their plastic counterparts? Hmmmm, wonder if they are available in Sweet Home Alabama?

  3. Wow, that's cheap for a tote bag!

    The last couple times I went to Wal-Mart I asked my husband to remind me I said I would never go back!

    We are big Target fans.

    BTW, I was looking at your list of books you've recently read. You should blog some book reviews. I would enjoy reading them!

  4. I love the bags that the stores are coming out with now. We are not near a Walmart, but I have some from other places. Course, I need to remember to use them- I use them for lots of uses besides groceries.

  5. If there's an HEB near ya'll, they sell those bags, too. Also, at IKEA, you have to PAY for a plastic bag if you want one for your stuff. Or you can buy a humongous blue tote bag for about sixty cents. Of course, the key is remembering to take the bags with you when you go shopping, which I always forget to do... :0)

  6. We shop at Whole Foods a lot and they don't offer plastic anymore, LOL!
    We get a handful of items at Walmart but are doing what we can to steer clear.

    Loved the post and the reusable bags make perfect sense.

    I know all too well about money and grocery shopping, I have come to the point where I just can't buy processed or GMO foods, or meat and milk with antibiotic ridden cows... Oh it's just ridiculous anymore.

  7. Our favorite grocery store 'ASDA' was bought out by Walmart and we have had these shopping bags here for a couple of years now. I guess for once the USA is pinching a good idea from the UK instead of the other way around!! LOL! And yes, you can fit loads more in these than in the plastic ones. They are super duper!


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