02 December 2007

A Worthy Opponent

I am always trying to find something to do with my 10 year old boy whose two passions in life are knives and guns. Bodily functions and repetitive noises run a close second. The other night we pulled out the mancala game and sat on my bed and played until we were cross-eyed and had so much fun. I taught him all of my tricks, and the student did indeed exceed the master!


  1. I remember playing that game at my cousin's house! Reminds me that I have not talked to my cousin in a couple of years and maybe I should pick up the phone :-)

  2. I love that game!

    Awww, Kully...

  3. great game - never played until a few years ago, now everyone in my family, my Mom, my niece all play.

  4. the music sortof messed with my computer....sorry.

    but the idea of mancala is a GREAT one. (coming from a mom of an identical sounding boy..)

    Have you tried SET or Quiddler? My son really likes those card games.

  5. How about a game of Risk? It's all about conquering your opponent. Gabe has loved it for years.

  6. I read blogs in bed after James goes to sleep and when the music on your blog comes on he stops snoring for a second or two so...thanks.


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