20 December 2007

Wicked Crazy

After our tornado fly-by on Saturday, I was none too happy to hear thunder rolling and see the flash of lightening all night long. I didn't sleep that well. This is one terrible storm. I called Travis on his way to work and he said it is pretty bad out there. It is storming bad enough that I am not wanting to go take a shower yet. I don't know why - but when I was a kid you didn't talk on the phone or take a bath when there was a storm. I have a friend who still won't talk to me if it is storming outside - even after much explanation that the danger existed in the possibility of lightening traveling down a cord to the phone and zapping you. I have also seen it travel down an antenna into an old console television that I was sitting 3 feet away from. It was turned off and blew anyway.
It's crazy outside, but not just because of the weather. I tend to be an extrovert, who doesn't mind being out and around people, even in somewhat crowded situations, but a few days ago I was in a Walmart where the throngs of people felt like a mob of crawling cockroaches, it was just that icky. Then last night, the girls and I went out for the final thrust of what we needed to get done, not to mention grocery items that we needed, including toilet paper. As we were leaving one store, there was a man in a truck that squealed to a stop next to a car where a woman was jumping out - all kinds of profanities ensued. It appears that she cut him off and he followed her into the parking lot angry to have it out. I was glad he ended up driving away - but it was freaky to see tempers flaring like that. Then on our way home, I was driving along about 60 mph through an area where there was a convenience store, when suddenly a car shot out in front of me with no lights on - and he was a dark gray color. I didn't see him until I was right on top of him. Things are so crazy out there - I think it is time to stay home until Christmas. I realize that these things can happen anytime, but there is a strange tension and energy out there. I think I'll stay home and watch movies instead! Y'all be careful out there!


  1. Boy you are so right!

    I can feel that tension over here in DFW too.

    Did you read my post about the Standoff I was part off? There is so much crazy stuff going on over here in DFW, my little standoff did not even make the evening news!

    I'm staying home, eating the Christmas cookies I made and watching movies too! :o)

  2. yeah, what's up with Walmart? I had a guy stop his car IN THE ROAD because he thought that I was flashing him w/ my headlights. Turns out we'd had the car 1 week and I couldn't figure out the headlights, but he thought I was trying to bug him.

    he saw that I was a confused woman and drove away. I was a little scared though, 'cause he started to get out of his car! yikes.

  3. I'm just glad you are safe. I hate crowds and traffic, yikes it makes me cranky.
    I shopped online but still need to go to the store, lots left to do.

  4. My mom used to always say we couldn't take a bath during a thunder storm. My dh thought it was a wives tale and then Myth Busters did a segment on that and sure enough, you can get killed in the tub in a thunder storm! Don't mean to scare you! Stay home but play games or something. Take a relaxing bath another time.

  5. I used to be more of a people-person, but the older I get, the more I CANNOT take it.
    Christmas just about does me in with the crowds and all of that attitude. Blech. What a joy robber.
    Hope that you have a GREAT Christmas!

  6. It sounds like the sky is falling over there!
    Henny Penny


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