10 December 2007

Christmas Spirit

There is something indeed magical about the snow - the hush as it falls to the ground, muffling the world around as if putting it to bed. But the next day, reality - the shoveling, the snow-blowing, the rocking motion of your car back and forth, back and forth as you try desperately to dislodge it from the frozen driveway, the extra layers of clothing. I am keeping day #2 of snow in mind as I grapple with my winter/Christmas sensory deprivation.
I have decided to embrace the differences in the Texas Christmas season. A big shift in my attitude came today at co-op. We went there early this morning, leaving around 7 am. It was hot and muggy. The humidity was so heavy that the papers I was carrying were damp when I got inside. Ugh. But by this afternoon, after the 4th & 5th grade Christmas party, I took the kids out to the playground while some other suckers moms cleaned up. It was beautiful. Everybody was wearing short sleeves. The temperatures were perfect. All day long I had received gifts from different kids. It was a nice day. Even though it didn't feel like "winter", I definitely felt the Christmas spirit warming my heart.


  1. Yes, Christmas snow would be wonderful. It is rainy here one minute, cold and sunny the next, flurries a day after that. I want at least a week of snow!!!! If we get some, I'll send it down your way as well.

  2. I don't like snow,that was one reason I was happy to leave PA and move to TN.

    It snowed twice last winter, it stayed for a day the kids got to play and then it went away, that I can handle. It's been warm here too and we are heading for the 70's tomorrow as well.

    Glad you are feeling the warmth of the Christmas spirit :)

  3. I miss snow too! (sniff,sniff!) At least it is warm and nice there though. We spend the whole winter with everything just brown, dead, soggy, dark(sun sets at 3pm!!! and doesn't rise till nearly 9am!!!!!), and simply depressing looking all the while being bone chillingly cold - damp cold that goes right through you! Just thought I'd paint a picture that 'might' make Texas look a little better? I can assure you that England doesn't look anything like the old pictures on Christmas cards or in Dickens' novels! LOL!

  4. I agree! You have to wrap yourself a round the positives of living in Texas! I enjoy snow but it's really nice when all of our company comes in at the holidays to be able to go outdoors and be "just right" temperature-wise! When the kids were young they would play outside forever, to their little heart's content! I haven't worn my winter coat since we moved here! I have a nice assortment of sweaters that I wear all "winter" long! Merry Christmas!

  5. It's been warm here. I'm not sure what the high was but we were near 80 yesterday. Unreal for December!

  6. It took me a few years to adjust to Christmas in FL, after growing up in the northeast, but now I love it! I think palm trees are just gorgeous with Christmas lights on them. The snow that's in your sidebar is all the snow I need!

  7. Christmas snow was pretty rare growing up, so it'll be a nice treat for us living in ARIZONA to get snow.

    weird, but a nice memory.

    and humidity in December might throw off my body clock. weird.

  8. 80 one day, 38 the next, 70 the next then 43 the day after that.

    My body is so confused, is it winter? is it summer? I don't know? My Christmas tree is up, but it is 80 degrees with 80 percent humidity and I am sweating.

    There are definitely pluses to living in TX, but the weather just confuses me!

    Glad you had a good day at co op! My last day for the year is this Thursday.

  9. You must be way south because it is cold and rainy here in North Texas.


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