26 December 2007


This weekend while visiting with my husband's family, we managed to get an extra kid for the week. My nephew Austin came home with us. He is a fun and energetic boy who will be 17 on New Year's Day. We have been having a lot of fun with him. He starts the morning off with a bang by tromping into Kaitlyn's room and waking the girls up like a large puppy saying, "Play with me!" There have been people chasing each other around with spatulas, late night movies, and lots of laughs. This is one thing that makes me happy to be in Texas, is the chance for the kids to get to know their cousins - as strange as that may be. The picture to the left is Austin giving his cousin Kendra a "Merry Christmas" cuddle on Christmas morning. They aren't always so lovey-dovey - sometimes they love each other by hitting, bickering, stealing things and I won't say who but I believe there was an incident with someone farting on someone else's cell phone! (I won't mention any names.) Ah, the joy of cousins.

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  1. How very special!! I didn't grow up very close to my cousins and I wish that I had. What sweet wonderful memories. God bless your family this holiday season.


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