11 December 2007

Walking in a Ginger Wonderland

One of the things I love the most about this time of year is making a gingerbread house. My friend Helen always made a ton for our homeschool group - and it was so much fun to get together, pool our resources and bring a ton of candy, and decorate our little houses. I was so excited when a group of ladies wanted to do it with me!
Tonight, my friends Taffy and Beverly came over and we baked the walls of gingerbread houses till it was coming out of our ears! We also made some royal icing green and covered sugar cones to make Christmas trees, and glued some large marshmallows together for giant size (scaled next to our small houses) snowmen!
We decided to make smaller individual houses - and think the kids will enjoy them. We did have some minor wall collapses, and had to cut some walls because the roofs were short. Other than that, we did fine, although I don't see having our own construction company in our future! Stay tuned till Thursday, and I'll post pictures of the houses once they're decorated.
Man my house smells good!


  1. Fortunately Gingerbread houses don't have to have the same building standards of our houses!
    I miss decorating with Carol the Martha Stewart of Gingerbread houses!
    Maybe later I will post a pic of our now collapsed house.
    Have lots of fun decorating and eating. Looking forward to seeing it decorated.

  2. How cute! I've always wanted to do the gingerbread houses but haven't gotten to yet. It's always one thing or another.


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