21 December 2007


I have some friends who have said they would come over and bake cookies today. It is not very formal, but it will be so much fun! I really hate being in the kitchen alone. Our house in WV had a kitchen that was sort of open to the living room. We had our computers right there in the area. This old house has the kitchen as its own separate room. There are things I like and hate about this. I like being able to listen to music when I cook and that others can watch the television if they want. The kitchen is the central room of the house, but that also makes it a high traffic area and people get in my space.
I do miss baking with Kathie and Jeanette and even the huge group that used to meet at Helen's house. This has been a year of doing some maybe familiar things with new people. It is a joy getting to know new people, and falling in love with their precious kids - in the way that I loved my friends' kids in WV. Last night we were at the house of some new friends, and it was brimming over with energy and laughter. Amy, the hostess, is a soap maker, which is something I've always wanted to do - at least once - and it was neat seeing what each new person brings into your life.
It is still always bittersweet.


  1. new friends are bittersweet. I understand what you're saying! It's odd, but it makes me miss my old friends even more sometimes...does that happen to you too?

  2. Awwww! sniff sniff, I miss you Julie! Have fun baking.

  3. At least you are making new friends and enjoying their company. The kitchen in this house is way too small for more than one or two.


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