26 May 2008


Two years ago today we sold our little house in the Blue Ridge Mountains and headed for the Lone Star State. It is a bittersweet anniversary. It was such a hard thing to say goodbye to my own "little house in the big woods". Having moved so much as a child, I had lived in the same town for over a decade, and in the same house for almost seven years. This was a huge thing to step away from, and continues to be to this day.
This past weekend two young people that I love dearly had their graduations and we weren't there to celebrate with them. Heart wrenching really, but unproductive to dwell on. Life has always had markers - times of happiness and times of pain. In each season, God's faithfulness to us has been the prevailing theme. Even during this time of feeling very isolated from those that I hold so dear - wondering if they remember that their places in our hearts are secure even if our seats at the dinner table, the party, the restaurant, the road trips are otherwise occupied for this season.

Interesting that this is Memorial Day as well. We arrived in Texas in the wee hours of the morning on Memorial Day. While it is a military holiday, it is also a marked memorial in our personal lives. I'm reposting this video of some fun times during our first visit home with our friends - just cause I'm missing them today. We really don't know how to say goodbye - so we just won't - ever!


  1. Really great movie editing!! Excellent! Looks like you had a great first visit. Hope your next one is as much fun.

  2. Julie, you are such a neat person. I loved watching the video. I found myself wishing that Heather and I could also be a part. :o)

  3. I think that it's cool to mark this time. 'Cause God's doing stuff, even in the crappy times. :) (and here's hoping the crappy times are a little better?)

  4. It's great to have good memories - here's to making many new ones.

  5. You're going to make me cry... I miss you guys sooooooo much! I love y'all


  6. Cool Video!
    It would be great to have friends like that--someday maybe.We need to stay in one place long enough I guess...

  7. Julie:
    I ran across your comment on Alisha's page and had to check out your blog. It is so amazing to see your beautiful children so full of life and your family so very happy. I think it is wonderful that you, Alisha and Renae have become so close. Keep in touch, Allison

  8. Sniff, sniff, I miss you Julie. I hope to see you soon!

    by the way who was that girl....LOLA? HAHAHAHA!


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