10 May 2008

Soaking up Some Sun-ity

One of the best parts about living in southeast Texas is that the ocean is just a hop, skip and a ferry ride away. There is nothing like the roar of ocean waves, the wind whipping through your hair, the sea spray exfoliating your skin and the soft sand between your toes to set your world right again.
I am a spontaneous - go to bed one night and think I will do one thing and wake up on the "scrap it all and go to the ocean" side of the bed kind of girl. My husband needs contractual agreements, and plans set in stone weeks before - meaning that if we have to stop at Walmart for a new tube of sunblock along the way, his apple cart is overturned. So, it was no small miracle that he agreed to go on the spur of the moment with me. (You can only imagine what great pains we went through to get the self-portrait of the two of us at the top left here - and to get him to consent to allowing me to post one of them!)
The day was perfect - not too hot, adequately sunny. The 20 minute ferry ride gave us some sort of a ship-show as the bay was full of oil tankers and fishing boats - and even some excitement when at one point it appeared we might collide with one. Galveston has white, fine sand and the ocean floor is nice and solid - not slimy or rocky. We all had a really good time. Travis didn't get in the water - but he enjoyed the feeding the seagulls and pigeons. He met a guy that looked and reminded us all of his best buddy, Tav, and chatted it up with him a while. I soaked up some sun, splashed in some waves with my kids, and found a chance to scribble out some story notes for my writing. It was nice to be away from the computer, cell phone and demands of daily life. It was a great, relaxing day. We're doing it again asap!
In this picture Travis is feeding goldfish crackers to the birds. When he saw this picture he asked me, "What, am I flying a bird kite?" to which I asked, "Did you fly a bird kite?" He answered, "No." This cracked me up. We are one dysFUNctional family. I guess for better or worse.


  1. Looks like you all had a great time!! Makes me want to go to the beach!!

  2. That is a great picture of you and Travis

  3. I'm glad you had such a good time!

  4. Yes, how much fun is the beach?
    Good for you guys - I always leave my cares behind at about Winnie. talk to you soon, Mel

  5. You are a bunch of beach bums.

    I am somewhere between you guys, I can be spontaneous but I also like to know things ahead of time.

    I am not as spur of the moment as you, I need to make sure I have everything before I leave.

    Glad you guys had a dysFUNctional day :)

  6. Hey! How have you been? I haven't visited your blog in AGES! We met me over on HSB, just as you were making your move to TX. I remember you painting your house and all. The pictures were all so lovely!
    You came to mine the other day, because we were out driving around in your "neck of the woods". I couldn't remember exactly where you lived. Darn! I think we were on the wrong road though. I remember you were going to have a couple of us TX gals that weren't too far from you over for a Christmas cookie bake, but we couldn't make it that year.
    Well, e-mail me or leave a comment on my blog or something! I don't keep the blogspot blog up to date all of the time, but I do check it.
    My poor son has never put his feet in the Gulf, and he's lived in TX all of his life! My family and I used to go every summer. We just need to MAKE the time to go!


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