16 May 2008

It's All a Crock

I am absolutely loving this blog. I can't believe someone would be brave enough to try and cook int their crockpot every day for a year. It is amazing. As I've said here before, the crockpot is favorite way of cooking. I used to only think of it for those hot meals ready when you get home from a long day out. I realized last year that it was a great way to cook a meal without heating up the kitchen. What I really like about her recipes is that they are healthy, and she has a lot of healthy suggestions to go along with all the food she prepares. Many recipes that I find for the crock pot are made with canned soup, etc. which are alright once in a while, but too high in sodium and other things to use regularly. She is also hysterically funny. I was enjoying reading her "verdict" to each recipe that she tried. Another thing I love about crock pot cooking is that I can put dinner together in the morning when my energy level is highest instead of at 4 pm when I am zapped. I planned my whole menu for the week around my crock pot. I can't wait to see what the family thinks about all the new things we're going to try! I am even going to try a dessert for the first time.


  1. thanks, Jewls, for your sweet words! I am having a lot of fun with this project---and I'm also eating a lot, lol!

    the crockpot really is a great tool; I, too, have much more energy in the morning than the afternoon. I'm so happy that I have been of some help to your family.

  2. I used to have a crockpot, but I never REALLY got into using it. I tried one of those Crock Pot bags from the grocer...not sure who makes them..maybe I should give it another try!

  3. Thanks for the link - what an awesome blog that is, and a great idea.

  4. I love crockpot cooking too but I'm with you on the canned soups. Can't handle that too often. I'm going to check out this blog. Thanks!

  5. Cool and interesting way of cooking, I'll definitely check out the blog.

  6. Crockpot. Is that for cooking? Oh. I used mine once. A big can of beans and cut up hot dogs. Maybe I should start a domestic/cooking/housekeeping blog.


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