07 May 2008

Who Do I Need to Beat Up?

Yesterday was one of those days. I hadn't fallen asleep the night before until 2 am, and my oldest, strong-willed child woke me up at 6:30 to ask and then harass me about something. It went over like a lead-balloon, but nonetheless, once I was awake, I was awake. The weather was dreary, rainy, icky. It was hardly daylight out, and it was one of those rains where you know it is going to rain all.day.long. After getting ready and hustling everyone out of the house, we headed down the road for the 35 minute ride in the direction of co-op, but we were going late because two of my kids had dentist appointments. We were almost there, in a torrential downpour, and my car started to feel like the highway was one giant slip and slide, and I was transported back to my chubby childhood, flat on my back and flying this way and that (typically with the wind knocked out of me first)! Scary. I had one tire that I knew was losing air slowly, so I crawled with my hazard lights on to the nearest gas station. I had to get out in the driving rain to put air in the tire which registered very low on the air gauge. The dentist appointments didn't even start until the time at which I was expecting them to be over, leaving me scrambling to cover some co-op commitments. When I did finally get there, I was informed that I hadn't had my picture taken for the yearbook yet, and was ushered to stand on an X in front of a blue sheet of paper without even the chance to brush my hair which now looked like someone who had been using crack for an extended period of time. Lovely.
There were however, two bright spots in this dreary day. One of the ladies from co-op saw me struggling along the side of the road, and called to see if I was alright. How sweet! Then later in the morning, I came around the corner and sighed, a way my body often has to force my stupid self to breathe when I am anxious and forget. One of the teenage boys at co-op, noticing I looked a bit overwhelmed said, "Alright, who do I need to beat up?" It was such a silly, simple, testosterone filled thing to ask, and yet it really lifted my spirits. Everybody appreciates an advocate, someone on their side, watching their back. These two simple things turned my day around.
Who do I need to beat up?!
Nobody - but thanks for asking!


  1. Too cute! Boys are sweet in their own unique way aren't they? Having grown up with four brothers I know this way of caring very well! LOL!

  2. It's so great that not one but two people cared enough about what was going on.
    I love that, who do I need to beat up, LOL.

    I know the day you describe, being woken up, the rain, oh girl I'm glad you had some reprieve.

  3. Oh my gosh, how I love teenage boys. They are so sweet, kind and giving. Boy do I miss you know who. That sounds exactly like something he would've said. My mom crush heart is aching for Carly and myself.

    I'm so glad you were on the receiving end of that tender, shy sense of humor that only boys that age can give. Hoping it took much of the stress out of your day.

  4. AWWW, that really is sweet. "Who do I need to beat up?" I love it.

    It is a good reminder that 'a kind word turns away wrath' (though I'm not sure it was actually kind :o) but it was to you.

    A little kindness goes a long way. I'm glad God sent you a bright spot or two on such a dreary day.

  5. cute. and amazing how just reading it makes made me feel better inside. gotta love teenage boys they do seem to pick up on that sort of thing. Love you and praying that God provides you a way up soon!

  6. what a nice kid. Tell him to go whip up some new tires for ya. :)

  7. "Who Do i Need to Beat Up?" Love It! How perfectly appropriate

  8. Hey Julie,
    Sorry you had such a bum day. Glad someone gave you at a least a little ray of brightness. Hope today was better.

  9. That was a sweet thing to say. Must have been nice to know that you are noticed and cared for. Glad you noticed the bright spots in what was an overwhelming day! I want to see the crack hair pic...PLEASE!!!


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