02 May 2008

Enmity to the Max

Sorry to mix Biblical phraseology with a "valley girl-ism" from the 80s but it seemed a fitting title. On a hike today with some friends, we had gotten off the boardwalk that is built up about 1 foot off of the ground into a field of these awesome pitcher plants when Kullen yelled "Snake!" Indeed it was a snake - and not just any snake, but a poisonous coral snake. It only took a second to assess that it wasn't "red touching black, a friend of Jack"! We watched it for a long time. It was quite beautiful the way it slinked along the ground, but the moms were pretty worried that the kids in their excited viewing would fall and get to see the snake up close and personal. I took this picture form my cell phone! Ew - it makes my skin crawl. I wasn't spared any of that "enmity between your offspring and her offspring" thing that God said to the snake in the Garden of Eden. Enmity to the max!


  1. Scary! I've always said that it's Biblical to be afraid of snakes. :)

  2. EEEWWW!!

    I have lived in TX a long time.

    I've seen my share of rattle snakes, copperheads, cottonmouths, water snakes (cottonmouth?) rat snakes and many other of the non venomous variety.

    But I've NEVER seen a coral snake! You can keep em!

  3. Beautiful Snake - just don't get bitten by it. JT and John


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