04 May 2008

Two Minute Movie Reviews

Taking a little tip from Josh Brown, I thought I would share some brief reviews of some recent views.

Iron Man - (Robert Downy Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow) Travis and I took Kullen to see the much anticipated Iron Man at the theater yesterday. Just to prove that we only paid $4.50 to get in on opening weekend, I am sharing a picture of our tickets! The movie was awesome. I was worried that he was so excited that it would be a letdown, as is typically the case. All three of us really loved it, so much that we're planning on seeing it again while it is playing at the dollar theater. The movie is about a genius weapons engineer and heir who is taken hostage and sees the destruction he has helped to create and has a change of heart. At the beginning of the movie he says, "peace means having a bigger stick than the next guy" but by the end he is a much changed man. We will definitely see this one again, and definitely want to own this one. At 2:46 minutes long, we didn't even notice the passage of time.

The King of California - (Michael Douglas) I watched this on video this afternoon with the girls. It is the story of a girl who lives with a mentally ill father, and all the ups and downs that entails. Her life is spent surviving his, and his current delusion which happens to be that he believes there is a ancient Spanish treasure buried beneath his neighborhood. This is from the Sundance film festival. It was quirky, but a good story.

The Ruins - I saw this in the theater with my kids. Hated it. Just a gore fest from beginning to end. There was a shred of a story behind a lot of blood and gore as five college students on spring break set out to explore an ancient Mayan burial ground. The best line of the whole movie was when one of the guys said, "We're Americans. This can't happen to us!" Really?

27 Dresses - Typical chick flick. The reluctant bridesmaid finally becomes a bride. Didn't feel like it was a waste of time to watch, but it wasn't memorable either. It just blends in with the streaming consciousness of chick-flicks in my mind.

Dan in Real Life - I loved this movie. It was a story of a widowed father who puts up with a family who is always trying to fix his life, when they are the most dysfunctional of all. He meets his brother's new girlfriend in a bookstore and without knowing who the other is they find themselves in a comedy of realistic family interactions and conflicts that result from the awkward situation.

Charlie Wilson's War - Sorry to say I hated it. I have never hated a Tom Hanks movie. The only thing I really remember about it is the name Lufkin - my husband's hometown. There may have been a great story there, and in all fairness I think I was too tired when I watched it. My husband on the other hand thought it was a great movie after you get past the first five to ten minutes of bare bodies.

Down With Love - You can barely go wrong with a movie that has both Ewan McGregor and Renee Zellweger. This movie was evidently out in 2003, but I had never heard of it until a friend sent it home from work with Kendra and said we had to watch it. Set in the 60s, Zellweger's character, female author Barbara Novak writes a book for women to teach them how to view sex and relationships like men, titled Down With Love. The book becomes a sensation, and has some unexpected consequences for both Ms. Novak and McGregor's male lead, skirt-chasing journalist, Catcher Block.

So, how does she find the time to watch all these movies?? I love stories. I love movies. Watching 20 bad ones is worth it to find that one that stays with you, and helps you learn more about live, be a better person, and gives you laughs and tears along the way. I am an aspiring screenwriter. I also do this for research. You will often see me reading the screenplay while I am watching a movie which helps me learn the craft. I watch movies because not watching movies is not an option.

BTW - for anyone wanting to know - April turned into a horrible month for me - but I am persevering with the script I started for Script Frenzy. It will be finished soon!


  1. I saw down with love! It has a real classic feel to it. Quick, witty dialogue.

    I liked Charlie Wilson's War. It made me want to come home and research and educate myself about our involvement in Afghanistan and all I could think is that we are not innocent in this conflict we are in now.

  2. Danielle, Alexandra and I watched 27 Dresses (as much as we could watch with the 2 1/2 year old antics going on around us.) It was OK to me - nothing at all special, unique or memorable. Pleasant - like reading a beach read type of book that you forget about the second you are done.
    I am sure the next movie I watch in 6 months or so will be better...


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