03 May 2008

Streams of Consciousness

This morning I woke up around 6:30 and was suddenly aware of all the things that run through my mind that worry me. My dog needs a rabies shot and heartworm medicine. We need to get new state stickers for my car before it expires at the end of the month, and get one for Travis as well as pay the ticket he got for his expired sticker. I have to talk to the mortgage company about an escrow account they want to set up for our homeowner's insurance that we already have. The kids have dental appointments and two will need braces, Kullen worse than Kaitlyn. Travis heard of a job that would be better pay working as a welder and we need to check on that. My trip to West Virginia is looming and seems to be getting further away instead of closer. Some of our outdoor cats are losing their fur in patches. The list goes on and on and it swirls around in my head evidently even as I'm sleeping, which further handicaps my ability to handle the burdens the next day.
I know that the Bible says to "cast all your cares on Him for He cares for you". I know that these things are temporary worries, but that as each of them is crossed off the list, new things will take their place. I am weary of the world and the worries and the burdens. I am discouraged. I know that just about everyone has their own list of things like this, but this does not alleviate the load, it only lets me know that I am not on this road alone.
Lord, this is such a weary road. I need a little supernatural infusion of mental clarity, physical energy and maybe a little spiritual pack mule to carry the weight of this load.


  1. Hey Julie! I posted about this exact thing back on april 27th. I know how you feel. The devil tries to get at me as soon as my eyes open about how many things are going wrong. I started waking up to Joyce Meyer and Creflo Dollar and ya know what? I don't have that problem anymore!LOL Casting your care is an art. It takes alot of practice. Just do it everytime you think about it ( that may be every 2 seconds), and you will get better at it.

    I refuse to worry these days. That doesn't mean everything is a-ok, trust me! But I don't feel like being miserable anymore about things that I can't do anything about! I'm gonna pray for you. God is there, honey. Let him take what's bothering you.

  2. YEP!

    My mind reels while I'm trying to sleep too!

    I keep trying to give it to God my problem is letting go completely.

  3. Father, I ask that you give Julie the infusion she longs for. Help her to take things one at a time instead of being overwhelmed by the scope of it. Let her rest in your unfailing love.

  4. I'm sorry for all that stinky stuff.


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