01 May 2008

Prince Caspian Book and Movie

We can't wait for this movie:

CS Lewis means so much to me. I fell in love with his lionheart and endearing theology when I was introduced to him by some friends in a book discussion group years ago. I feel that I would be doing my children a terrible disservice if we see the Prince Caspian movie before we read the book.

We have not read all of the Chronicles of Narnia series. I enjoyed the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe with the kids about six years ago when Kendra was in a summer production of it at the Old Opera House. A few years later I read the Magician's Nephew with Kullen and liked it. When I started the second book, neither of us could immerse ourselves fully in the story and we gave up less than halfway through. We started the Prince Caspian book tonight and none of us wanted to stop. Sadly my voice, husky with asthma and allergies gave out long before our interest in the story did. I am admittedly not a fantasy reader either, and I was hooked.

I challenge you to read it by yourself or with your kids, and celebrate by going to see it on opening day, May 16th!


  1. We just finished reading all seven books aloud in our house! My guys are Narnia fanatics and are counting down the days till this comes out here in the UK! Which unfortunatly is about a month later than there in the states. :o( We can't wait and they are all worth reading together!

  2. We are just about finished reading Prince Caspian and we have all LOVED it. We can't wait for the movie.

  3. Oh Oh Oh....we read these all together a couple of years ago. I told Nick and Carly the other day I want to buy the complete set and reread them myself. I don't even remember Prince Caspian. I'll have to watch the first movie again also. My memory is shot.

  4. Hey i have read Prince Caspian and The lion, the witch and the wardrobe! Both of them are just great!
    I saw the lion, the witch and the wardrobe a month back! It was a great watch!
    I can't wait to watch Prince Caspian!
    It's releasing on the 16th of May, 2008! I just can't wait.
    13 more days to go...

  5. hello julie:

    my oldest son read the series before i did. i read them this year and was distrurbed by some of the things i read. for example: in prince caspian one reads the details of two decaputations. in the horse and his boy the jesus-figure rips open a girls back to teach her a listen. many of the characters are presented as beyond redemption. i am not saying that the series has no redeeming qualities, i am just saying that i think it is easy for us to over praise these series merely because of who wrote it.



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