11 May 2008

I've Been Robbed

I heard this little statistic on the radio this morning. The report was that a stay-at-home mom, if she were compensated for her duties with home and family would bring in an annual salary of $117,000. They said if you work from home, you can add $65,000. I actually cannot find any information on how this was actually computed but it did say that the biggest payoff is overtime. No doubt. But even on my worst days, this is the best job in the world with immense fringe benefits.


  1. Nobody could afford us, which is why we have to work for love.

  2. I remember this was a big deal in the news a few months ago. I find it mildly irritating:

    1) the implication being that we need to put a dollar amount on it to "prove" that it's useful, important, and worthwhile.

    2) They way they arrive at the numbers are a little silly. If I dropped dead next week, my family wouldn't hire a personal chef, etc, etc, to replace me.


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