30 May 2008

Drumroll Please - The Master Plan is Ready

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I have worked on this until my eyes are crossed, but the Master Plan, an updated, consolidated, inter-activated version of "the Plan" is now available. I am so excited about how much I learned about PDF publishing. This planner is fully interactive, allowing you to type your own information in all of the forms, click on links and customize this planner and make it your own. I am really very excited about the possibilities. This planner is integrated so that homeschoolers, unschoolers, and even families with children in public and private school might find its content beneficial and useful. My friend Leslie, at Simple Journey Ministries wrote some frugal and simple living articles that are included as well as some features on crock pot cooking, read-alouds, etc. by yours truly. There is a small sneak preview available in the slideshow below, and a PayPal button in my sidebar by the front cover icon where you can get your own. I promise that this is the cheapest price it will be sold for anywhere at a about a $10 discount.This is a pre-sale price and will only be at this rate for a limited time until I have it up in other stores. If you price interactive planners you won't find one so thorough or as inexpensive. I am going to be offering yearly updates for this planner as well - so you will never have to buy a full planner again.
I really hate doing a "commercial" on my blog - but I just wanted to share this exciting news with you - and give you a chance to get the new planner. If you place an order and pay via PayPal, your planner will be sent to you within 24 hours. Thanks!

Table of Contents
Master Plan By Season
Seasonal Overview Pages
Calendar Pages for 2008-2011
Dates to Remember
Large Grid Monthly Pages
Weekly Pages - 2 page spread
Daily Pages
Week-at-a-Glance Pages
Yearly Bible Reading Checklist
Daily Bible Study Notes
Sermon Notes for Adult, Teens and Children
Household Budget Pages
Creditor Contact info Pages
Monthly Budget Pages
Menu Plan and Grocery List Pags
Master Grocery List
Article: 8 Great Ways to Save by Leslie Valeska
Article: It's a Crock! by yours truly
Article: Can You Afford Healthy: by Leslie Valeska
Homeschool Planning Pages
Yearly Record of School Days
Article: Read-alouds by yours truly
Read-aloud Record Page
Student Reading Record
Student Transcripts (thank you Elissa Wahl's friend for this resource)
Article: Frugal Homeschooling tips by Leslie Valeska
Master Resource List
Monthly Journal
Weekly Lesson Plans
Independent Study Plans - or personal record
Co-op Teacher's Planning
Future Plans
Unschooler's Memory Pages
Field Trip Planning Pages
Family Medical Records
Weight Tracking Charts
Pet Health Records
General Household Organizational Forms
Article: Keeping Your Home by yours truly
(before you become alarmed - you might as well know that this is not an article full of cleaning tips!)
Home Sweet Home
Housekeeping Checklists
Appliance Log
Vehicle Maintenance Record
Books to Read
Movies and videos to See
Items Borrowed
Items Loaned
Vacation and Travel Planning
Wish-list of Places to Go
Trip Planning Pages
Road Trip Planner
Holidays & Entertaining Pages
Party Planning
Special Occasion Pages
Easter & Thanksgiving Planning Pages
Christmas Planning Pages
Advent Reading
Cookie Baking Day
Gingerbread House Making
Address Book
My Computer
List of Programs
Email Addresses
Favorite Websites
Best Places on the Web for Kids
Project Planning Pages
School Planning Pages
Article: Back to School the Frugal Way by Leslie Valeska
School Information
School Calendar
What's for Lunch
Basic List of School Supplies

On to the next projects: a half size planner and student planner!


  1. That is so cool. I hope you're super successful at this.

  2. wow- that sounds awesome. Good work! Me wants one!

  3. You have been busy!

    I hope it's a success :)

  4. Wow, that is amazing! GREAT JOB!!!

  5. Julie this sounds like a great book! You must have spent forever putting it together!

  6. I'm really excited to look over your work, but ... is it just me? There's not preview - just an empty white space. Hmmm. I'll check back later. Thanks!

  7. Wow! What a fantastic job. You are just incredibly creative--and organized, too.

  8. i bet if i got your book i could sit easy and look so relaxed like that girl on the cover. fabulous idea. i will surely look into this further! congrats!

  9. Congrats Julie!!! How you do amaze me with what you are able to accomplish. You're running circles around me girl! What little (of the planner) I've seen looks really nice!

  10. I am very excited about this. If e Tami likes it, I know it is good. My question is,(hope it isn't too stupid of me.) If this is for my computer will I be able to have a copy on my Oregon computer and then one for my Arizona computer?

  11. Hey girl! Your new blog skin rocks. Those photos are just totally groovy. I want a copy of your book! Autographed, of course!

  12. This looks wonderful! Unfortunately,I don't know if I'm blind or what...but I can't find the paypal link. I'll check back tomorrow.

  13. I cannot wait to dig into this. I found you through a friend of mine, Lori at "I'll Take it Lord, All You Have to Give." I'm thankful for the tip! Be back soon... I will be in official "lesson planning mode" come July. Can't wait. Truly inspired.


  14. p.s.
    are there any hourly pages - meaning, a daily page, with times on it? That sounds a bit obsessive compulsive, doesn't it? :)
    But sometimes I get so busy I need to know if I'm running on time or not, and having a rough time frame helps. If not, I can rustle up my own to add to the pages, no problem. Just wondering.


  15. Question:

    I just ordered the planner (couldn't wait...), but our paypal account has my husband's email address linked to it. I can get everything from his email easily enough, but I hate for him to have to deal with it.

    IF you get this email in time, and it's feasible, could you send my planner to my personal email address instead of his? The receipt doesn't matter. My email is pursley@bellsouth.net ...

    and it would be great if you could keep THAT part to yourself. ;)

    But if it's too late or too hard to figure out, don't worry about it. I'll fetch it and download it through his email!


  16. How do I order this? I can't get the buy now button to work. Any suggestions.


  17. I love this, I did not realize you had a blog. You go girl!

  18. Hi!
    I've tried emailing you several times but it keeps bouncing back. I purchased the Master Plan with the buy it now button and my payment went through. You emailed me asking me to confirm that my email address works. I've tried to reply to that email several times, but it keeps bouncing back. I don't know what else to do! :(
    Please help!!
    Michelle M


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