13 May 2008

Food for Thought - Salvation part 2

A lot of good comments on this post. I will say that it surprises me that anyone would say that they would be disappointed if everyone were able to be sure of heaven. The very heartbeat of God is that none should perish, and I think it ought to be ours as well. It seems arrogant to say that my sin is different from the sins of anyone else, and that my submission and obedience to Christ being where the circle of inclusion and exclusion is drawn. The free gift doesn't seem so free anymore on that line of thinking. The paid price doesn't seem so fully paid. The completed work, incomplete.
If the Bible says all our righteousness is like filthy rags, what do we have to offer that would say we get to go and others don't? Obedience is the fruit of a heart of love, not the obligation that it is painted in so many religious circles. It cannot be contrived - but is the overflow of the gratitude for the too good to be true grace once we comprehend it fully, versus the system of performance and obligation that so many of us were taught.
I am definitely still pondering, seeking, reading, searching. One book that was pretty profound in helping me see the Bible as relational instead of merely instructional was Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller. He calls it a "whole message to a whole human being". We tend to look at it as a self-help book instead of this story of the redeeming love, and real human beings with all of their talents and flaws, all along the way. One comment on the first post talked about God's word as an instruction manual - in order to help us get the best of a product we purchased. I appreciated the sentiment as I would have once shared it vehemently. Now I hear it almost opposite - we are the ones who were purchased, and God and His word not something that we use, but something that changes and completes us as we live according to it.
Now lest you think I have gone morally relative, I will say that it is not all good. He is all good. That I believe is the jist of the story.
More thoughts later, as I hope this conversation continues.


  1. I'm not sure this has anything to do with your post but it's had me thinking a little food for thought.

    In Sunday school we studied the parable of the sower. The question was posed, what soil are you? I thought about it and have been thinking about it this week. I feel that I am amoung the thorns. That the life is being choked out of me by the world around. I mean I hear the word and it has taken root but just right now in this period of my life it's being choked out.

    What does that mean for me? I think it just shows that even someone who was once rooted can be uprooted for a period of time.
    Hmmm..does that make me rocky soil?

    Oh I'm confused!

  2. Wow Julie! Very well said and I can't think of anything to add, so I won't. Now I need to go read your other post.


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