14 May 2008

Just Crazy and Bummed

The world is turned upside down! I blog deep thoughts, revelations, what if questions that go unanswered and then others who shall go unnamed blog about BUGLES and get a conversation going. How is this?
I am a little bummed today. I was supposed to be leaving this morning to head home to WV. I have hope that I can still go in June due to that little thing called the economic stimulus check - Lord willing, but it does not diminish the disappointment of not being on my way right now.
Continue to talk amongst yourselves about your plastic snack food, I'll be alright. Don't worry about me.


  1. I think Bugles are gross. And I barely make the time to read posts much less comment or write my own, but I appreciate that you're writing- even if I don't pop in to say so. Sorry you're having to delay your trip. I know you must be feeling greatly disappointed.

  2. Hehehe, well I always read you blog and love it!!!! As for the Bugles, we'll save ya some :D

  3. I SO feel you! I know just what you're saying. I read many blogs daily and it got me to thinking, maybe I should branch out and mix my topics up alittle, but ya know what? I write about what matters to me. I will continue to write about what matters to me and if I never have hundreds of people reading my blog, then oh well.

    I wonder too how some blogs get the comments that they get. Alot of them are about nothing, but that's just my opinion. Each blogger out there thinks that thier content is valuable so it's just a matter of finding other people who feel the way you do.

    Keep writing. I love your blog!

  4. I post for myself and could care less about whether people comment or not. It's nice if they do, but my posting is to document my life jsut so there's eveidence that I once existed.

    Sorry about your delayed trip. Good thing for that check in the mail.

  5. hehe...I'll save you some Bugles and Pringles. Bring your own Cheez-whiz....even I have my limits. You're just jealous because my thoughts are so much deeper and better articulated than yours. It's all those preservatives.


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