21 May 2008

No Deep Thoughts

Inside my head over the last few days is only this sound -
While I have been busy, I have not had much to contribute to the blogosphere. I am working, eating, sleeping, watching movies, and trying to stay home so that I don't spend our entire income in gas. It is amazing.
I am also working on the new planner for this coming year, and hope to have it released in time for the summer so those of you who homeschool can have it ready for the "school year". If you have any ideas for pages that you wish we had last time, throw them at me! This year's planner is going to be fully interactive so you can use it on your computer alone - OR you can print it to use.
In other exciting news, my brother Rob has finally be introduced to our two step-sisters, Alisha and Renae. I take full credit for pulling Alisha into the blogosphere and hope you'll hop over to her blog and say "howdy". Rob always lived with my dad, and since our mother married the girls' father, they haven't met in the 24 years since they were related. So, that's some pretty groovy stuff. Wouldn't it be a real treat if we all got to meet one day? (Well I sort of already know all of them - but it'd be neat if they got to meet! I hope they don't leave me out!)
That's all for now folks.


  1. Aren't the gas prices horrible! I'm looking forward to a summer of staying home.

  2. That really would be great, and I'm sure they wouldn't leave you out. Geographically, how close (or far) are you all from each other?

  3. We are in TX, GA, NC and OH - pretty spread out. I am thinking Tennessee looks good. :) A big ole family reunion in Dollywood - that'd be so fun.

  4. I do give you full credit for my blog. Thanks - I've really been enjoying it. Tennessee sounds great to me!


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