01 May 2008

Six Word Memoir - Part Deux

I saw this on another friend's blog a few months ago and found it fascinating. I had a couple then - but it is interesting how this can grow and change. (Check out that link - there's even a video!) Today, Gayle tagged me on her blog so I figured I could do another one for this season of my life:
Orbiting somewhere just outside my sanity.

Here are the rules:

1. Write the title to your own memoir using 6 words.
2. Post it on your blog.
3. Link to the person that tagged you.
4. Tag five more blogs.

My tags:

Stephanie because I can't wait to hear what she has to say!

Donna cause she's a new blogger and will probably enjoy this!

Tina H. my loving every minute of it, in the trenches, unschooling mom of teens!

Cynthia cause we're kindred spirits, and when I grow up I want dreadlocks just like hers!

And you! Come out, come out wherever you are, and write your life story in six words or less!

Be sure to link here so I can check it out.


  1. Oh the pressure!!!!

    I'll be thinking about this all night :)

    I like yours it is so right on.

    Off to watch CSI.

  2. HA! This is perfect! I'm giving you a big "Amen, sister". :D
    Just wanted to let you know that I have been reading for the last few weeks and praying for you.
    Kudos for having the courage to tell the truth about where you are. I know that must not have been easy.

  3. Pressure is right. A title I can do. Linking will be my ass-kicker. Nick oh Nick where are you?

    yours is awesome


Awaiting your words......
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