18 August 2007

Wine if You Want To

I was sort of thinking about this title sung to the tune of the B-52s song "Roam" - remember "Roam if you want to, all around the world" but insert the word "wine" and picture my chubby little self dancing! In light of the potential landfall of Hurricane Dean, I got together with my cajun neighbor to have coffee and discuss what we do if we do indeed hear that is coming this way. At first I thought she was going to be no help, telling me to get in my car and get the heck out of Dodge and all. Then she suggested we make a run to the county line liquor store and get some good wine, and I changed my opinion on the matter. I like wine, but I tend to prefer sweet ones like Blackberry Merlot and Strawberry Zinfadel. She was telling me about Cabernet Sauvignon - saying how good it was, dry but great with Italian food. So we were off. Then we had a glass of wine which perfectly balanced the effects of the strong cup of coffee we had previous to our outing. It was a lovely glass of wine, not sweet at all, but also not bitter. It was so nice to sit in the kitchen of my new friend and relax with a nice glass of wine, and know that whatever happens with the impending storm, if I'm tossed up in the air like Dorothy from Kansas, I will still land on my feet, and God will still give me friends to share in the journey.


  1. How cool to get to know your neighbor. I saw that they are projecting Dean to the south but you never know. If you want a REALLY good Cabernet try J. Lohr it is awesome, I sent hubby for some tonight and they were out so he got Merlot (Sebastiani if you want to know) I'll be heading to the tub soon :)

  2. Pour a glass for me, my friend! If you end up evacuating, feel free to stop by. Or sleep on the couch. You know.

  3. Come on up, Im pretty sure Dean won't hit us! Although there is always the possibility of an earthquake :-(

  4. Every post that you make makes me just a little bit more jealous! I'm so glad that you've found some "non-uptight" friends!
    I sounds wonderful!
    I like the new layout btw!
    Hey, and one more thing, how do you find the Co-op guide to be that is pictured on your sidebar?


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