18 August 2007

Weather - Ugh

There is much talk in the area about Hurricane Dean. I just read the local television stations website with up to date information about the storm and read this disheartening phrase: forecasters saying it could turn into a monster Category 5 storm within 72 hours. Not what somebody new to hurricane weather wants to read. I also checked this out on an almanac site, and even if the hurricane doesn't make a direct path toward us, we are going to have a wet and dreary week! Ugh. Please pray for us.


  1. I will pray for you. I watch news differently now that I have friends all over the place through blogging. I was wondering how who the storm would affect last night.

  2. I'll be in prayer for the gulf coast Texans!! Thanks for the update. My husband likes to point out to me that I am as ostrich-like as they come. We went out to eat Thursday night and the restaurant we were at had CNN on in the corner of the dining room. (Grr. WHY do restaurants think TV is a necessity?!?) I glanced up and said, "Oh, is there a hurricane?" and George nearly fell out of his chair. He asked me, "Where have you been?!?" and I meekly replied, "At home. Knee deep in motherhood."

  3. Hasn't been too bad for you so far this week, has it Julie? We had many coming up here from Houston, buying the stores out of generators, etc. and all for nothing. Hubby kept telling them it was going to hit the Yucatan, not here. We have had a few very light showers, but no heavy rain yet, and you're not too far from here.
    Praying you all are okay.


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