17 August 2007

Happy 94th Birthday Grandma Gifford

Travis' maternal grandmother turned 94 last week. We went to his cousin, Renee's house to celebrate her birthday. Renee has a beautiful two month old baby, and you can see there the circle of life. Travis' mom and her sister Julia were there with their daughters. It was so neat to see how even though they are a real family and have their ups and downs, they really love each other. It made me miss my mom something fierce, but I think I miss what I wish we had more than what we really ever did. I can only pray that God allows my children and I to always be close. This actually turned out to be a semi-nice picture of our family with Grandma Gifford. I think she had a happy birthday, and I know she was glad we were there.
And for those of you who know us, do you see how much taller Kaitlyn is than Kendra, AND me???


  1. That is a very nice photo. Your daughter is tall. Mine is tall for her age and I know she likes it.

  2. Great picture! My grandmother will be 92 in the fall. My mom posted a picture with 5 generations! http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/TheChinaPainter/373673/ I think it's awesome that kids get to know their great grandparents. Mine were long gone before I was born.

  3. What a beautiful photo of your family. Happy Birthday to Mrs. Gifford!! I love your new layout. Very artsy. Hope you're enjoying this hell-like weather we're having this summer. Oh, sorry, maybe that was a bit harsh...

  4. Kaitlyn is tall and Kullen looks so grown up. What is going on?

  5. What a beautiful picture! That will surely be a treasured memory!


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