29 August 2007

Some Stuff About Today

I had to run an errand this morning, and it just so happened that our local Walmart, which is THE world's smallest Super Walmart, did have the new Casting Crowns CD, The Altar and the Door!!!! I haven't stopped listening to it since we got it. The first song kicks - it is so awesome. What I love about Casting Crowns the most is that their songs are so thoughtful. The things they sing about are carbon copy to thoughts I have all the time. They speak to me, heart and soul. I am also jazzed about the fact that they are coming to our area in concert this fall. Tickets go on sale in a matter of days! Yippie. I'm there.
I also went to my neighbor's house and welcomed in her two new toy poodle puppies. People pay hundreds of dollars for these things - and even though they're cute, I don't understand why people pay so much for dogs, when we got a perfectly lovely black lab they almost paid us to take away from a farm two years ago. Yeah, he chases cars, and barks at a strong breeze (he was HOWLING at the eclipse the other night!) , and may have some gender confusion - other than that - perfectly acceptable in the canine department.
Shortly after coming home from my visit with the new poodle babies, the sky turned pitch black, and much the way it always does here, thunder and lightening and then a deluge. We sat on the front porch swing and enjoyed the storm.


  1. Very cool! Did you mean to geta pic of the school bus? LOL!

  2. I love a good thunder storm when I am home and it doesn't interfere with my computer time! Great picture.

  3. Love the photo! Bus included. :)

  4. I am going to have to find that CD. May have to order it- we don't have a real music store in these here parts.

    I LOVE rain storms. That made me want to dance on your lawn!

  5. We have the Casting Crowns cd. Kameron and I ran out and got it. I absolutely LOVE that first song. Powerful. I am pretty excited about them coming to concert here in November.

    I love the picture. Kullen is looking so big.

  6. Right before Casting Crowns made it big, they came in concert, along with Rebecca St James to our church. I too, love their music and the way their music ministers to my soul. I love their song,
    "While You Were Sleeping" off of their Lifesong CD!

    Yesterday I went to family Christian Stores and used my 25% off coupon on some purchases. One of them was the $5 Mark Harris CD. WOW! That's a great CD!

  7. Love the picture.

  8. Love the picture! I'd have it enlarged and framed.

    Or maybe turn it into a black and white...just to see.



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