16 August 2007

Seventy Three

A few months ago I saw the movie "The Number 23" with Jim Carey. I wish I hadn't. It was dark and it had little redemptive value. It was the unraveling of one man's mind as he finds the number 23 in patterns throughout his life. However, today made me think of this movie as it was full of 73s. $73 for the alignment on my van, which took approximately 73 minutes. Kullen was the only one who went with me and he asked me 73 times (at which I lost count) if they were almost done with my car. At Walmart, we bought $146 worth of groceries - two 73s. However, it was nowhere near 73 degrees today, nor did we travel 73 miles to the store. Ironic coincidences? I think so - because the number 73 was absent in may more ways than it was present today, but they were just the things that stood out.

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