09 August 2007

Two NEW Addictions

I haven't been blogging much - but I have noticed that neither have most of my bloggy friends. Part of my blog deficit is due to that dang "N" key problem. Grrr.
The first addiction is to Green Tea. I have had this before and even concocted a recipe to make it myself that tasted just like the bottled Lipton recipe but I heard a little blurb on the radio the other day listing the benefits of Green Tea and started really drinking it again. It is found to be an antioxidant, reduce cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis, is beneficial in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, and can even boost your immune system. I notice that when I am drinking it on a regular basis that my skin is clearer. Pretty cool. There are all kinds of varieties - the most recent one that I have tried is a Snapple Mango Green Tea. Yum. The only advantage seems to be insomnia if you drink too much of it because it is caffeinated!
The second thing which I think is an addiction that could grow to epic proportions is a new feature for Netflix subscribers. First of all - it is the coolest thing in the world to get DVDs that you want to watch delivered to your mailbox, but now they offer the ability to watch instantly. (BTW it took me a few tries to realize that I have to use Internet Explorer instead of Mozilla Firefox to view the movies.) It is so unbelievable. Instant gratification. There are so many movies to choose from and I want to watch them all RIGHT NOW! Fortuately for me, there is so little time - and I am a prioritizing person who can't possibly watch a movie and enjoy it unless my responsibilities are completed. Ugh - it's a blessing and a curse.


  1. I think it's too hot to blog and all of our brains are fried. I know mine is. My newest addiction is HGTV. Hannah really likes it too. Maybe by the time we get out of this apartment and into a house of our own, I'll know how I want to decorate it!

  2. I discovered green tea at Panera bread and I love it. I tried Diet Lipton Green Tea with Citrus and didn't like it as much... I'll have to look into your recipe.

    Thank you for your comment about my travel options. I had to laugh at your sentence about making sense of your sentence - because I totally understood and what's more - I think you're incredible for making the trip alone!! You could get a t-shirt that says "I survived the trip of _____"

    Netflix watch it now feature sounds fantastic!!!

  3. I make Brent's tea from your recipe all the time...thanks for the addiction. You're the second person to tell me about instant movies on Netfliks. I guess you earn hours by your rentals or something? I'll try it!

  4. The tea thing, I tried green tea several years ago, and I absolutely hated it. I like tea,black tea, even white tea, I LOVE Chai teas, but the green tea was disgusting. So I have been afraid to spend good money on something I'm not sure I'm going to like. I wish you were here so I could try yours. Perhaps I'll go to Kate's and try some.

    I really like my Netflix. I will have to try the Explorer, because I didn't get a good download with my Mozilla.


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