07 August 2007

A Surprise and Something New

This afternoon, the kids and I went to check out a well established co-op. I was a bit apprehensive about what kind of environment we were entering. It turned out that the ladies we met were very nice. The co-op is based on The Well Trained Mind. The ladies asked us some questions, wanting to ascertain our level of interest - not just mine but the kids as well. How cool is that? They wanted to know about the kids - from them! When we left, I asked the kids if they had to answer "yes" or "no" right then, what they would say - and all three kids said YES! The girls are opting out of a few classes - but Kullen is going to go for all of the 4th grade level classes except Latin. We have been talking about it all evening. Everybody is looking forward to it. Tomorrow night I am going to a Mom's Meeting to get some more specifics. It sadly means that we won't be able to participate in the smaller, more local co-op - because I just can't do both - but being that the girls are both in high school this year, there is a lot they want in this co-op. I let them all help me make the choice and it was unanimous.
I also got a surprise when I got home. My friend Joanne, knowing my affinity for blank notebooks, writing and good pens, sent me a beautiful new notebook. It was so nice to know that she thought of me. So I called to tell her thanks - and we had a nice long conversation. I miss her! It is good to have friends. Now what to write..........


  1. Oh - Fun!
    Good luck with the co-op! I hope it's all that you want/need it to be.

    I love a new notebook...the clean pages - the opportunity! :-) Have fun with it!

  2. The Black Sheeps turn you over and loose to the Well Trained Minds. (It seems like a rather large leap at one time).....they will be blessed with your family as we were. Love Ya!!!


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