05 August 2007

Long Laid Back Weekend

We have had a weekend of doing pretty much absolutely nothing. It has been actually very nice. We did go out to a carnival to kick off a local VBS and stopped on our way home to get milkshakes at Sonic. Other than that we haven't done much of anything except watch Gilmore Girls - hours and hours and hours of Gilmore Girls. I think we have a problem - but it's a fun one. Yesterday we ate at the carnival and then leftovers - and today I made breakfast this morning and then fried some potatoes tonight - just some quick things in between episodes! It has been great. I hope you have had a super weekend. The ones with nothing to do can be the nicest ones sometimes.


  1. nothing wrong with a nice quiet weekend. We're doing the basement.. and basically sticking at home as well!
    I'm back with the scrap happy mondays! :)

  2. Hey sounds great Jewls! I worked my tail off in the boys bedroom yesterday. I moved all of the furniture, vacummed up all the dust and cobwebs, sorted and decluttered a bit, still too much stuff though. I was pretty wiped out last night.

  3. Sonic milkshakes sounds like a great idea! I could use some chocolate right now!


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