10 August 2007

I'm Just Gonna Do It

I am blogging fairly early this morning. I have a ton of errands to do - from getting new tires put on my van, to getting it inspected to going grocery shopping and finding a gift for my husband's grandmother's 94th birthday! I hate going grocery shopping without organizing and wiping down my refrigerator. It is one of those things that I just can't make myself do. Coming home with a ton of things to put away to a dirty fridge is just gross. I am also like that about the dishes - I can't leave for the day with dishes in the sink or an unmade bed. My mom kept our house like a museum - and seldom wanted it to look like people actually lived there - and it is a battle that I fight every day. I don't really know how to live in my house. I am trying. I thought I would start with going grocery shopping without tidying my fridge......
.......well maybe just one little shelf.......or the door........ooh maybe I'll just organize the drawers

I'm hopeless.


  1. I like to organize my fridge before big-shopping so I have a place to put everything.
    I always thought your house was a good balance of clean enough yet lived -in. Not museum like at all, a comfortable place to have a glass of iced tea, look through a new book, or have a who can eat apples hanging off the basement rafters contest kind of place :)
    I am sure your Texas home is every bit as inviting as your WV home was.

  2. LOL!
    I just cleaned out the fridge, I figured it was a good time since there is nothing in it.
    I don't like to leave dishes either and I'm kind of compulsive but I'm working on that.
    Baby steps...

  3. oh my goodness- my husband would love you! The last things I get to are my fridge and my mini van. It is not that gross, but he is a bit of a neat freak. Maybe you and I should hang out and balance each other out. I am actually a little anal about having things tidy before I can relax too.

  4. I wish you would pass on a little of your OCD tendencies to me. I'm a bit too laid back which leads to too much stress should anyone come over unexpectedly or when I've come home from the grocery store and try to make things fit in the fridge. I'm going to have to get things more together in order to get Holly and myself out the door by 7:15 this fall. Ugh!

  5. I am VERY good at not cleaning my frig. Come look inside and you'll see.

  6. Okay, that's a new one. Having to clean out the fridge ahead of time would mean that I would most likely not make it to the store today, tomorrow... or any day actually.

    I do, however, always have a clean sink and the whole house picked up before I go to bed at night. I want each new day to start off new and fresh... with no remnants of the day before underfoot!

  7. You're supposed to clean out the fridge? You are supposed to go to grocery store and buy food and put in there?! Why does no one tell me these things.


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