02 August 2007

Crawling out of a Hole

For the better part of the last week - I have been in such a funk that it was like my friend Joanne describes as being swallowed into a black hole. I watched my mom hardly be able to change her clothes for weeks growing up - and when I feel like this it scares the you-know-what out of me. Rest assured that there was clean underwear and daily showers, even though there were a couple of the kind of days where I couldn't even wear my contacts for crying. The slightest disappointment or sad thought started the waterworks. (I know what you're thinking but it is not PMS week - unless that means Post-Menstrual Syndrome) Anyway - it seems that today I crawled up out of the dark a bit - and feel more myself again. Words of affirmation from my husband that were extremely valuable - finding a potential place to plug in for a life - going swimming with a new friend and a phone call from an old one - these things come together and become a step-stool that have boosted me up out of the pit. This time was pretty weird - I even experienced a lot of difficulty getting the right words out - I found myself mixing up expressions with quite ridiculous results a few times. Anyway - I am back. I am not posting about this so I can get cheerful words from anyone - but in the hopes that someone else might know they are not alone.
For now, I'm back!


  1. HUGS! I've had "post" MS sometimes, too, maybe that's all it is! I had about a year or so, about 4 or 5 years ago, that I never had PRE-MS, I was fine and dandy before, but after? Woowee, watch out, I was miserable.

    All the depression, none of the bloating, I guess that's got something going for it. ;-)

  2. I actually do get a little blue or blah or down after my MS, thankfully not every month.
    I'm just glad you are coming out of your funk, I've been in one too but for completely different reasons than you. Things are looking up for both of us :)

  3. Sorry you have been in "the hole."
    Been thinking about you - sent you something, should be there by Monday.

  4. Was wondering what happened to you, and missing you on our site. Those "holes" are miserably dark places to be sucked into. Glad you are coming back out into the sunshine.

  5. When I get like that - and I do on occasion - I finally realize that my praise levels are way down. I have to praise The One and Only because that's the only way to lift my eyes above my circumstances. Because no matter what - God's still bigger.

    All that to day - you're not alone, either.

    May the clouds lift...and songs stir in your heart.

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  7. I know those dark holes. I've been there and it's a fight to stay out sometimes. Glad you are back. Keep praising the Lord!!


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