31 August 2007

A Happy Day

Today was a very happy day! My niece Adrianne and her husband Michael became the parents of a healthy baby boy, Samuel. I am an aunt again - a GREAT Aunt to be exact. Samuel's older brother Ashton was born last June and only lived two days, and so it was an especially happy day for everyone. Congratulations Adrianne and Michael! We love you, Ashton and Samuel.


  1. Babies are so sweet, I love babies, congrats to all :)

  2. Aaaaaw... congratulations great-auntie Julie.

  3. Congrats! May these babe bring healing and joy to you all!

  4. Congrats Aunt Julie!! He is beautiful. Hope you have a safe (and uneventful!!) trip to meet him. May he bring a healing balm to his parent's hearts and to the rest of the family's too.


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