31 August 2007

Angels Watching Over You

You know that you are a hard-core blogger when you wake up in the morning thinking about something to post on your blog. You also know that it is way beyond just a casual activity in your life when you realize that you don't want to post something new because of something in your last post that was so great that you want it to stay at the top for fear somebody that hasn't visited your blog in a few days will miss it. (PLEASE scroll down and see the post entitled "Everything--" - you won't be sorry!)
This morning I was thinking about my husband and how he seems to have nine lives or something. Going back to the day after I met him, he has had serious accident after freak accident after ridiculous incidents that were the fault of someone else. Here are some of those things:

· The day after I met Travis he was hit in the face on a “brick job” by a mortar mixer. The safety had been removed for the sake of time, and a rock jammed in it, causing it to kick back right as he happened to be near it – and a metal pipe slammed him in the jaw, cutting through his chin and gums, and throwing him several feet.

· Travis was working as a welder, and burned his eyes through a microscopic crack in his shield, so light was slowly seeping in all day and he didn’t know it. When he was taken to the hospital, the doctor prescribed codeine, which apparently he is allergic too, and went into anaphylactic shock.

· When I was pregnant with Kaitlyn, our 14 yo., Travis was working nights. I was wakened by the phone to a southern twanging voice saying “Miss Forsythe, your husband was ‘lectracuted this evenin’ and he was taken to the ‘mergency room.” Indeed he was – an ungrounded welder gave him a huge jolt, to the point that it messed up his heart rhythms and he was in Cardiac Intensive Care for two days.

· He decided after that electrocution to do something other than welding for a while, and was working with heavy machinery. His boss asked him to skip the safety measure of using a tool to press items under a heavy blade, and just use his hands to make it go more quickly. You guessed it – he cut the tip of one of his fingers off. It was stitched back on – but to me it looks more like a toe than a finger!

· One morning on his way to work, Travis stopped at a convenience store to get gas, and stepped inside for a Butterfinger candy bar. Evidently someone had put a can of kerosene on the counter, and it leaked down, saturating the candy in front of the register. Having just brushed his teeth, Travis was unable to detect the strange taste at the first bite, and excused it as being the “just brushed” taste. A couple of bites later – he knew he had eaten something bad – and ended up in the emergency room. They wanted to put a tube up his nose and down his stomach to administer charcoal. He said no way – he’d drink it – and did so, even though they said that has never been done before.

These are just some highlighted incidents of things this man has been through over the years. The man can touch fire, and has taken things out of the oven with his bare hands. He is a bit of a freak of nature - but let him get a fever or a stomach ache and that is a different story - you'd think he was a terminal cancer patient. He is a living illustration of the fact that only God determines the number of our days. This gives me a lot of peace now that he is working as an electrician. I know there is a whole team of angels assigned to that man, and those of us who love him!


  1. Wow! He is certainly being looked after isn't he?!

  2. God wants him to hang around a while . He will probably live to be 100, while, by then, you will have had several heart attacks induced by his close calls :)

  3. I had a dad like your husband. I picture his angel either exhausted looking or super mighty, because he is one busy heavenly being!

  4. I don't think he has just ONE guardian angel but several and they're all asking for overtime!


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