15 August 2007

Dog Days of Summer Over? I Think NOT!

Perhaps the lazy days of summer are over, as I feel the electricity of activity cranking up all around me - both in the real world with co-op and sports and the 8,924,375 symptoms that we are just around the corner from most kids going "back-to-school", and in the cyber world as homeschooling friends are blogging about their activities, curriuculum, lesson plans, etc. (None of which btw will you find here other than maybe the mention of a good book.......) However, my friend Joanne posted on her blog this morning that she heard on the news that the "dog days" of summer were over. I can tell you that summer weather is still in full swing in SE Texas. We have had 108+ heat index over the last week, which is causing tropical storms and potential hurricanes to swirl off our coast. It is hot outside like parking your car in 100 degree temps with the windows up out in the full sunlight hot. When you step outside you are immediately damp and it takes your breath away. We are thankful for AC on a whole new level, both in the car and the house. Hot, hot, hot!


  1. They're not over here! We have temps a bit cooler this week but still in the mid to upper 90's. Alabama is breaking records with more than a week of triple digits. Ugh! Can't wait until fall.

  2. The dog days of summer can last a little longer down here in TX.

    I can't wait till it cools off a bit and I can open my blinds again. I'm starting to feel like a vampire! NO, NOT THE SUNSHINE!!! :o)

  3. Oh Julie - I feel for you! When I lived in Houston I heard that it was the most air conditioned city in the world. WIth good reason. Texas is HOT!!

  4. I just think that it is mean for me to mention once again how much I like the weather here. So I won't. It is supposed to rain tomorrow, but I even like that.


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