02 August 2007

Bridge Collapse

I don't post a LOT of current events on my blog - but this story in particular was pretty spectacular to me. Having never been a big fan of bridges myself, stories like this one of the Minnesota Bridge Collapse into the Mississippi River always come to mind, just about the time I hit the middle of the bridge. How terrifying! I read that the recent death toll is 7 - but there were 60 injured and 20 still unaccounted for. I will never forget the fear I had after 9/11 when coming home from a trip to the beach (which is where I was with a friend at the time) and how bridges were identified as possible targets of terrorism - and how I practically held my breath over every single one, and tried to reassure my kids that we were safe.
Stories like this can make me want to crawl back into bed and pull the covers up over my head. Crossing a bridge takes faith - faith that the engineers that designed the bridge knew what they were doing, and that the builders followed the plans accordingly, that no natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes that have happened over the years have caused any damage that may cause the structures to be unstable. Every moment of every day is a leap of faith, in the unseen and the unknown. (For example, I have faith that the chair I am sitting in right now will hold me up.) I know things like this can tend to shake people's faith in God - wondering why a good God lets these bad things happen - but yet they'll continue to get on the interstate and cross bridges. I think God gets a bad rap.

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