15 November 2007

Christmas Gifts

The kids and I went to the cheap theater last night before grocery shopping and saw "Fred Claus". I have to say, I don't get "starstruck" like some of my friends have - I missed the Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt frenzies - but funny guys really do it for me, in fact it is one of the attributes that was most attractive in my very handsome hubby! This movie was mediocre - but I have seen Vince Vaughn in other movies - and he just cracks me up!
One of the themes of the movie was that in the 1800s children only got one present and they were happy - but now with the average child's letter to "Santa" asking for 15-20 presents. In the movie, Santa is having trouble keeping up with the production. Wow - 15 to 20 presents per child, really?
A few years ago my husband and I decided that we wanted the focus of Christmas to be more about Christ and less about gifts - while not wanting to diminish the fun of gift giving and receiving - because after all Christ set the example when He laid down His life as a gift of salvation. While discussing this with a friend, she said that she and her husband had decided to give their children only three gifts - and believe me this friend and her husband could afford to give their children whatever their hearts desired - but her reasoning was that Jesus got 3 gifts on his birthday (think three wise men) and why should our children get more than that?? It made perfect sense to me - and we have followed this line of thinking ever since. It makes Christmas more enjoyable for everyone, and doesn't set the focus off center.
How do you handle the gift giving in your home?


  1. As far as gifts are concerned, our Christmas is pretty low key. Nothing extravagant or super expensive. Usually a couple of games and something they've been asking for. Also we generally get tickets to something. This year it's two somethings, the Nutcracker ballet and a hockey game, all on the same day. What was I thinking?!??

  2. I love the reasoning behind the three gift idea!

    I've been reading a book and everytime I pick it up I think of you. It's called the Barbarian Way by Erwin McManus and it just really fits your newfound thinking about church. Whenever I get a chance to read a bit I keep thinking, "Jewelsntexas needs to have this book!"

  3. We do the three gifts too. And maybe less now that they are older and have very expensive wants (or needs - depending on who you ask)
    If it were up to me I would ditch the gift thing altogether and go on a vacation, I would be the "Skipping Christmas" family, except without the turn around at the end.

  4. We love Christmas 'round here. We do try to keep things simple though with about 3 gifts- pj's opened on Christmas eve as well.

  5. In our home we have set a limit of $100 on each of our kids. When they marry, they get $50 and their spouse gets $50. We budget all year long for Christmas so we know the money is already there, we have NEVER carried a credit card balance on anything, especially Christmas!!!

    As the kids grew older their desires got less but more costly. If they wanted a stereo, TV, Nintendo, etc I would tell them that that would probably be the only gift they would get because I would have grandparents and uncles, etc give money towards it rather than buy them a gift.

    Our kids would open their gifts from one another on Christmas Eve so that they wouldn't be overlooked in the hooplah of Christmas morning.

    This has worked well for us.

    have a wonderful Holiday!

  6. I have done the 3 gifts for several years now. I also try to keep the total cost of the giftS to between $50-$75. As the kids have gotten older and their wants have gotten more expensive, I have combined the gifts and sometimes added grandparents money in. But they understand that and are well with it.

    I also like to do Advent. I did it as a child growing up. I haven't managed to do it every year, but we all love it when we do. I love the idea of focusing on Christ and the anticipation of his birthday and why we truly celebrate this season.

  7. My husband and I were just talking about this last night. (I had read the same exact idea somewhere else.)

    We normally get one or two for each kid (plus a few stocking stuffers and whatever the relatives). Not because we're noble or anything, but because we are POOR!

    So we were laughing, because to us, three gifts would be an extravagance!


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