23 November 2007

I Have Issues

So much of my life was spent surviving all the issues of others around me, that mine kind of went undetected, even by me. Recently however, I have realized that I have quite a few issues of my own!

Most of my issues things have to do with cleanliness and hygiene. I hate it when people leave a public restroom and don't wash their hands, then touch the same door knob that I have to touch in order to exit. I LOVE the new restrooms at Walmart that have doorless entrances. They really save me a lot of stress.

......I also hate to see people eat when a meal is being prepared. Normal sampling is fine - but fingers and utensils going in and out of the mouth and nobody's hands are being washed - ugh - it just freaks me out - and has the potential to be the one thing to truly churn my stomach and ruin my appetite. Perhaps I should pay a few of these people to show up at every meal and call them them my "diet buddies".

Another thing I was thinking of today which makes me never want to leave house - the girls were talking about a horrible smell that they noticed in one area of Old Navy. I think I figured that the national holiday of stuffing ourselves sick with a lot of rich food and the next day having everyone with gastrointestinal distress gathering in massive crowds is probably NOT the best idea. Hmm?


  1. I too, am a big fan of the doorless entries. Not that I have any issues...

  2. LOL! I'm with you, my dh says I've never been the same since I took Food Service Management in college, talk about sanitation :)

  3. You know how I feel about all the invisible germ thing. I have issues when my kids work at restaurants and tell me all the things that go on. YUCK!!

  4. Years ago my friend and I waitressed together and said it was amazing that we still ever went out to eat.

    As far as the bathroom, I'm one of those people that either kicks the door open, or uses a paper towel to pull the handle.


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