18 November 2007

A Cat House

My neighbor made me this terrific pillow for my porch swing, all I had to do was give her the fabric. She even made the cover removable so I can wash it. It is really spectacular and I enjoy sitting on the porch swing so much more now. However, every time I go outside to sit on MY swing, the above is what I find. It appears that the kittens have found the lovely cushion as well, and have decided to make it their new bed. All during devotions this morning I kept seeing the swing jangling outside, and eventually the cushion fell off for all of their frolicking. Goodness gracious! It seems the kittens have taken over my house!


  1. Are you trying to make me itch? LOL! They are cute those creatures that I'm allergic to.

  2. Of course, you do understand how the Egyptians thought cats ruled...

  3. I want to squeeze them all..they're so cute!!


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