18 November 2007

Pajama Pants

Since we "worship" at home, I have the luxury of wearing whatever I want. My husband made the mistake of telling me yesterday how cute I looked in my pajama pants. *wink* When I announced that I am not taking them off today - he didn't look phased - so I have declared it a pajama day - all day long today. The weather is particularly gray and dreary - so it suits me just fine to stay home and go nowhere. I also made a double batch of enchiladas for dinner last night - so I don't even have to make dinner - just reheat. I have some unfinished projects to finish before the flurry of Thanksgiving week sweeps me away. Today I am having a PJ pants day!

Do these pants make my legs look fat?


  1. Cute jammies! I often wear mine around the house all day. I probably own more pj's than regular clothes, they are just so darn comfy!!

  2. Its so cold here today - if I weren't having a party for a bunch of little boys I would love nothing more than to put a nice cozy pair of flannels on and curl up with a book and a cup of hot anything. Enjoy your cozy day.


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