13 November 2007

The Handy Hubby Strikes Again

My oven broke down a couple of weeks ago, so assuming our element went out, we purchased a new one. When that got here my husband realized it wasn't as simple as that - and that something in the main computer of the oven had broken down. He said he could bypass the "computer" part of it and set it up to work manually with a switch. I gave him a no confidence vote about this idea - but when I came home a few days later after lamenting about baking bread at the neighbor's house (geesh I'm so spoiled sometimes!) he had put this switch on the side of my oven. I hated the way it looks - but it does the job. It isn't really noticeable - but it will definitely - like all things my husband does - be a conversation piece. This man would put McGyver to shame! Thank you honey!


  1. Go Travis Macgyver!

  2. I've probably shared this one before.

    We were visiting my Brother-in-law and his wife and he was working on the kitchen sink while we were there. I said to my hubby,

    "Hey Babe! Show him how a real man makes household repairs!"

    to which my beloved replied,

    "Sure! Go grab the Yellow Pages!!!"


  3. Nice to know some things never change. Travis is...amazing.

  4. That is too funny! I thought you were going to say that you returned the new oven and were able to save by using the old one. I nEVER expected that switch! Rock on Trav!


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