12 November 2007

Small Christianity

I get inundated with emails from time to time, typically forwards from lists that others are on with don't read this book, don't watch that movie, etc. I used to belong to every "family activist" type list you could imagine - and they spewed out this stuff in massive doses. Things were boycotted, banned, rallied for or against, etc. What I have learned is that I don't need another living person to tell me what is right or wrong, but the Holy Spirit that dwells in me. I am not scared to watch, read or listen to something that contradicts what I believe. In fact, quite often instead of weakening my faith, it makes me stronger. When the rubber meets the road, and I see, or read or hear something that causes me to dig deep into what I really hold to be true, and give voice to my faith, I grow. From a parental standpoint, I am trying to raise my kids just the same way. I am not afraid for them to hear things that are different from what we have told them. We have grounded them, and are grounding them in the truth, but allowing them to learn to voice the truth for themselves, with the help of the Holy Spirit in them. We want them to learn to hear the Lord's voice and not ours streaming through their heart and mind, shooting down falsehoods and discerning false teachers and teachings.
I do appreciate the information, but what I've concluded is this - if our faith comes down to a series of "dos" and "don'ts" on some man-made list of what we should embrace or avoid, I think our Christianity has gotten pretty small. Instead of being a force of abundant living, it is a crippling taskmaster. If God trusted us each enough to give us a free will, then He can certainly trust us to live free and not check our brains at the door!


  1. I like your point. I know for some people, they don't feel that going to certain movies is appropriate. (I'm not talking about X-rated films) I know others, like myself, who feel like I shouldn't drink alcohol. It's one of those individual beliefs and not the same for everyone else. To make blanket statements, or to make a do and don't list, has negated the freedom and liberty we have in Christ! The true sign of a mature Christian is to not engage in behaviors that, even though the Holy Spirit has not led us to believe is wrong may be a stumbling block to others.

  2. AMEN!
    Well put and I agree :)
    I used to be like that too, I was the *holier than thou christian* so judgmental, I'm right and you are wrong. Thank God I got out of that!

  3. Well said! Wayne & Brad would be impressed.


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