09 November 2007

My Confused Kittens

I took this video footage yesterday. Our kittens have taken over my front porch rocker. I looked out the window near my desk yesterday morning and saw the younger kittens snuggled up in the cool morning air with their older brother. A short while later I found that they had confused their brother for their mother - and he didn't seem remotely offended. It was so funny!


  1. They are ADORABLE! The Brother is a very Modern Cat, no stereotypical roles for HIM! HA! Wanna hug 'em all. So why don't you put them all in the van and run on up here so I can hug the kitties? Your kids can come too. :)

  2. How long before the younger bunch wised up and realized that that was a "dry well"? Ha Ha!


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