30 November 2007

Snowflakes in Texas

My kids have gotten pretty good at making snowflakes. I told them that I wanted all five of the large windows in our dining room to be covered with them, and I came home after a long day with my husband looking for jobs, they had made our dining room into a winter wonderland. Aren't these snowflakes beautiful? None of the pictures I took even got close to showing the fabulously flakey windowpanes that are making me feel so happy right about now.
It isn't even cold here, but there are snowflakes all around.


  1. I think I need to do this too. I've always lived in south Louisiana, but I still can't get in a Christmas mood until it gets just a little bit wintery. Those are great!

  2. We make snowflakes every year and every year they stay up until about August!
    Yours look great :-)

  3. that was a totally sweet thing!


  4. We do this every year ... cut snowflakes while watching It's a Wonderful Life. We have tons of snowflakes now and we hang them from the ceiling with invisible thread.

  5. What a great idea!

    I think this is close as we are going to get to snowflakes down her in TX.


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