09 November 2007

A Wedgie Video

Guys do not do the warm and fuzzy things that girls do out of love. They tend to like to hit one another, wrestle, and ...........yep, give wedgies. This video is of a documented wedgie - and I actually know these guys so I know that this is not put on - it is what they do.
Wedgey Of DOOM!

Evidently, they have always wanted to capture this on tape. The "wedgie giver" happens to have a reputation for this while he is also one of THE most polite, kind, considerate, funny guys I have ever known - note the polite "thank you" at the end. I am sharing this in the hopes that other mothers of teenage boys will know they are not alone! This is what they do when left home alone for hours to have "band practice" with mom's video camera on hand!
They seriously do have an actual band - here is a link to their myspace where you can hear songs like "Spiritual Underwear". ha ha - no kidding!
I love you guys!

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  1. YUP! That looks all too familiar! Thanks for the chuckle this early on a Sat morning!


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