22 November 2007

Tetanus with that Turkey?

This afternoon, my kids went on a walk with their cousins and decided to peruse an abandoned house in their Memaw's neighborhood. While there, Kullen stepped on a board with several rusty nails sticking out of it. One went all the way through the sole of his shoe and an inch into his foot. There isn't much on his foot when you look at it, although it did bleed a little. The biggest concern is does he or does he not need a tetanus shot. I called the ER to ask if they thought it could wait for the doctor tomorrow and they told me they couldn't give me "medical advice". Thankfully we found some info on the internet and he may not even need a tetanus shot since he got his last booster when he was around 5 years old. Then a cousin said that you have to get one now with any puncture wound. I am calling the doctor in the morning just to be on the safe side. We boiled the wound out with peroxide and made him soak his feet.
I'll post a Turkey Day slide show tomorrow! No blood - I promise!!!
How about you - any accidents or injuries to accompany your festivities?


  1. I sent info privately!
    Looking forward to your pics.

  2. Ouch! Thank goodness no injuries here.

  3. An ER can't give out medical advice? How does that make sense?

    Little bleeding (which is not a good thing) and 5 years from last tetanus shot, my $ .02 is go get that boy a tetanus shot.

    Fortunately here we had no injuries, illnesses or accidents to make the day more memorable.

  4. Just sharing, please get informed and educate yourself before getting any type of vaccine.


  5. OUCH! I thought a tetanus shot was good for 10 years. Hmmm... let us know what you find out!


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