07 November 2007

Busy Sitting

All those of the male persuasion, can politely excuse themselves from further reading. This is a "girls only" topic. If you have ever had a urinary tract infection, you will know how miserable my day has been. I have been in and out of the bathroom a hundred times and sit for what feels like forever for the reward of the ever so slightest trickle. I haven't had one since before I had children - when a kind nurse told me once that I needed to get up immediately after......you know, and use the restroom. I have practiced this faithfully for almost 20 years have not had a bladder infection. I don't know how this happened. I'd like to meet that nurse in a dark alley - and no I wouldn't hurt her - but I would tell her that her plan has failed, and ask her what I am supposed to do now. I can't sit or stand or walk or lay or do anything that makes me feel better even the remotest bit. Ugh. Sorry......gotta run.......nature calls, but she is mocking me!


  1. Are you my twin? lol, I know it is not funny, sorry. I have fought these for years and years! The answer is Water, Water and more water! I take two cranberry tablets (super concentrated cranberry fruit 1680 mg plus vitamin C) morning, noon, and night with a very BIG glass of water. Buy them at Walmart. They are made by Rexall Inc. http://www.rexall.com/ (picture of bottle on website). I never drink tea or dark sodas ever. I can have teas with lemon juice and white sodas with lemon and lime juice in them. But seldom drink them. After going on these tablets I rarely get one.
    Mary B.~~

  2. Oh poor you! Bladder infections are so uncomfortable! I have only had a couple, but I drank pure cranberry juice and water together to help, plus NO SUGAR. That was the hard part. Will pray you are better soon.

  3. I'm sorry Jewls, I hope you get better fast and I 3rd the cranberry juice and water advice :)

  4. You have my full sympathy!! I get recurring ones for years now! For a while there I think the Dr had a repeat prescription on file for me since I needed them almost every month! Yuck! I drink Cranberry juice by the gallon now and I started taking Cranberry capsules every day and since then I only get about one a year! Go and get some cranberry capsules and take the maximum dose allowed!! And drink it down with about three gallons of cranberry juice a day - I promise it will help!

  5. I remember when I had my surgery to have my spleen removed a couple of years ago. I had a cathater in, amongst other things and I remember specifically praying against a bladder infection and for a bowel movement. I figured God had heard it all at that point and since I was fearfully made, I could ask Him for that specifically! I had TONS of cranberry juice waiting for me at home and never had a problem (With either one!)

  6. I'm so sorry! I hope you are feeling better.

    I came from Money-saving Mom's blog after seeing your comment. I'd love to know the recipe for what you're making for Christmas gifts if you don't mind!

  7. Hosting a Frugal Christmas!!!
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  8. Hope you are doing better now! Those are the worst.


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