26 November 2007

A Bloggy Commercial Break

I have a new planner for sale called "The Plan". It is available in both Homeschooler's and Unschooler's Editions. The planners are currently only available in PDF (ebook) formats, for users to print out as many or as few of the pages as they desire. "The Plan" starts with a December 2007 calendar, so you can start using it immediately.
There are calendar pages for each month with large blocks for you to write in, budget planning pages, monthly menu planners, grocery list pages, pages to plan homeschool lessons OR an unschooling journal to write down the little things that you see your kids doing as they are "learning all the time". Each month has a page for planning projects and tracking your family's health and medical information. There are 3 covers styles to choose from if you want to print one off for the front of your binder. There are address pages, pages to record directions, all those important part numbers for items throughout your home, recipes, plan your holidays and a whole bunch more. I worked hard on this project to make an all-in-one planner.
Click on either of the pictures here to take a closer look.
The planner sells for $16.99. If you are interested purchasing a planner from me directly, please email me at julientexas AT sbcglobal DOT net.


  1. Playing catch up and making the bloggy rounds! I enjoyed your old-timey slide show alot! The bangs aren's so bad after all either! I agree with a jammie day! Maybe we should designate Blogger Jammie Day in January!

    Prayer changes US! I had to come to grips with the "power of prayer" thing after my health issues and still having them despite surgery. It made me question my faith and determine what I really believe. Is God some magical genie that if I say the right words a certain number of times and grit my teeth and bow my neck that I can make HIM do what I want? It doesn't work that way I found out! I've been learning to pray differently, not from selfish motivation. Wanting good things isn't wrong, whether it's health, peace, joy etc. I've been praying to become more like Christ and asking God to show me how HE will accomplish that through this situation.

    Peace out!

  2. You are so creative! I think you should do well with your organizer!

  3. Hey, what do you have for sale for those of us who don't plan? ahahh. Seriously. ANything un-planish?

  4. ooh, cool! I'll have to think about that one ... it sounds great in theory, but I'm afraid it might turn into one more thing for me to stress out about.

  5. I love planning!!! I'm going to order one.

  6. I love planners- usually I fill them out and half follow them, but I still love them! I am interested. I am off to boot camp now, but will come back!

  7. Okay, Amanda sold me on this one! I told hubby to consider getting me this for Christmas ... and if he doesn't, I may very well just buy it myself!


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