24 November 2007


I thought moving to Texas would mean that my days of freezing were over - but oh how wrong. In fact, it is actually much colder here than it ever was in WV, except without the snow. It is just so damp that it goes right to your bones. The best expression I can think of to use was coined by my friend, Justin when he slept in only his boxers in the beautiful Rocky Mountains when our youth group was camping overnight - he said he was "butt-cold". Now, I know what that means.
I am so cold in fact that I've been drinking a lot of coffee, lamenting the lack of firewood left from last year's supply, and wearing a lot of excess mismatched clothing, including a red fleece paired with a pink and tan striped scarf, snowflake pants and brown wool socks. My daughters and friends have been teaching me the specialized art of taking pictures of oneself (ie. myspace photos) so I thought I'd give ya a little gander at some of my colorful get up! It may not be pretty but hey I'm warm.
Nobody is used to me lookin' pretty anyway! ha ha
Speaking of snow - check out this cool spot to make your own snowflake. It is awesome. Hat tip to Sandy!
Need a Snow Day?


  1. You did a great job taking your own picture! Mine always turn out horribly, my chins all show or I look like I'm giving the camera the death stare. It's not usually a pretty thing!

  2. BRRR! This rainy, damp cold is pretty dreadful, isn't it?

    If you need firewood, come on over! We have a TON. Ahem, and I'll put a pot of coffee on, okay? Or may I interest you in a latte? :-)

    The good thing about the cold is that it encourages you to use your crockpot, stay home all day and play board games. Lots of boardgames!

  3. I did not know that Texas got cold like that. Great slide show below by the way- looks like a great time with family.

  4. I love your picture! you're so cute. In virtually EVERY picture of me I look hideous. My eyes squint, my nose looks huge. It's just sadness. So I'd take some tips on picture taking from teenagers!

  5. I try to never take pictures of myself. I'm good at it too. You're always cute!

  6. Cute picture! I love the slide show of your beautiful family too. :)

    I had so much fun with the snowflakes, I added to my blog too! Thanks for sharing that. Living in Florida, I'm always looking for ways to enjoy a little snow. ;)

  7. I know that your self-depreciating humor is part of your charm, but let me set the record straight. You are a beautiful and exquisite daughter of the King. You are just as precious and darling as those two daughters of yours, chips off the ol' block. It was butt-cold here, too. I'm glad it has stopped raining.


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