26 November 2007

Torture or a Godly Shove

Travis called me this morning. "I have bad news" he says. In my wisdom, I know that nothing following this line can be good - however, there are varying degrees of bad. In the past he has said this cause he got a ticket, or needs to buy new tires, or the price of gas went up. Today, the bad news was at the highest degree of bad.
He. got. laid. off.
I didn't see this coming - and that made the bad news even worse.
Our financial situation is already suffocating, having depleted what we had saved as he has made less than what was anticipated when we moved.
But, God is indeed in control.
Travis is the kind of guy that likes his comfort zone, more than most. He hates change. He has a long list of things he doesn't want to do. He has been talking for a couple of months now about going back into welding, but Mr. Comfort Zone often needs a huge shove to go from point A to point B.
I am trying to look at this situation as a godly shove.
In fact it can be a blessing in disguise. I have questioned the Lord before during times of unemployment and what on earth He was doing - when I had been so faithfully praying that He would give Travis a better job - and clearly heard His voice speak into my spirit "how did you expect Me to give him another job when he still had one?"
So I'm holding onto that.
And I'm thankful for the lessons my kids have learned during this time. When a lot of kids would be wheezing and whining about how this might effect their Christmas - my amazing kids were wrapping their arms around us, praying with us, and encouraging their parents. Kullen did wonder how we're going to eat which I think is quite practical. Suddenly an AK47 Airsoft Gun that was at the top of his list is not a major priority. Good kids. Lots of blessings. I'm counting them instead of the digits in my bank balance today.


  1. Oh Julie, tough news! I am glad you have the Lord to get you through this time. I will pray for great things to come your way. It is encouraging to see the Godly fruit coming out of you all at such a trying time. It is evidence of what is truly in your hearts.

  2. What a great way to look at it, an oppurtunity.

    I'll be praying for bigger and better things for your family.

    And what a blessing you have in your children.

  3. Oh wow I don't know what to say! We have had some big financial troubles lately which does NOT fit our usual MO so I can relate to some extent ...

  4. So sorry to hear this... we'll be praying for you and yours. Keep leaning on Him - He has a plan!

  5. Wow! I'm sorry to hear he has lost his job. You have an amazing view and I think you should hold on to it! When I am in desperation I have a hard time seeing how God is handling things.

    But you are so right! God is in control! I will pray for your husband and family right now.

  6. Great attitude. He can't fill hands that are tightly bound up.

    What awesome attitudes your kids have had though. A little boy who only is concerned about eating? I call that a practical thing. Something a LEADER would think about.

  7. God will see you through this. I'll be praying for a job even better than before.

  8. I feel you!!! I don't believe it's torture even though it feels like it. You know a small bit about our recent times and we are still struggling to climb out of that hole.
    I do believe that an opportunity is awaiting and that you have to be open and look for it.
    When dh quit his job he had another to go to, it was a complete disaster but God had a purpose, it was a stepping stone to his current job.

    I know that your kids are blessing you, how sweet it is, my kids GET it too, we still are living without many things that they were accustomed to but it's just stuff and we'll get it back.

    Hang in there, keep the faith especially if it looks like you can NOT possibly bear another blow, HE is with you and HE hears you.
    Be well and I'll keep you in prayer, I do anyway my dear cyber friend :)

  9. I'll keep you guys in my prayers.

  10. Oh, Julie, when I read this, my heart sank. I can completely identify. When George was out of work for what seemed like forever, while I was pregnant with Timothy it felt like a curse. However, when he left for Iraq when Timothy was four months old, I blessed the Lord for the time He gave us as a family prior to his deployment. I will be on my knees that the Lord will sustain you and comfort you while you wait on His timing.

    Hugs and kisses,

  11. First off (((Hugs))) Next take a deep breath, then cling to God's promises. Be praying the word, trust him, and he will give you peace. We love you guys!

  12. Take care and I'll be thinking of you. It's never easy when you have one income.

  13. I just wanted to drop a note of encouragement. I will pray for your family. Your children are AMAZING.

    I've followed your story for a year or so. My family is also a WV transplant. We have recently moved out of state and I find that my son and I are having a hard time adjusting to having no friends and no support in place yet. It is the middle of the year and all the other homeschoolers are already well on their way. But, I've seen how the lord has blessed your children with friends and your family is so strong.

    I just wanted you to know there is another WV transplant thinking of you guys and that I wish you well from Indiana.

    Amy from WV

  14. What a thud to the gut. We are going through some of the toughest financial situations we've ever faced and as wierd as it all sounds and as scary as it has been I can honestly say that there is a sweet place right smack dab in the middle of the fears. It's that spot where you sit back and really see who your God is. Where you know that you have a God that has all the answers and will provide for you with HIS storehouse of riches and all we have to do is trust. I hate the trauma but I love that peacufull, close to God spot and that's what I'm praying for you and your family!


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